G-NMR school 2017

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Important !! But please do not distribute the scripts after you downloaded them. They are for your personal use as an attendant of the G-NMR-school only !

All lectures in one file ( zip, 265 MB)

Day 1

1. Michael Sattler "NMR of proteins"

2. Mario Schubert "NMR of Carbohydrates"

3. Philipp Selenko "NMR of IDPs"

4. Teresa Carlomagno "NMR in Drug Design"

5. Leif Schröder "MRI"

6. Christian Richter "NMR of RNA"

7. Ulrich Scheler "NMR of Polymers"

8. Matthias Köck "NMR of Natural Products"

Day 2

Day 2 (bio NMR)

9. Michael Sattler "2D and 3D NMR"



Protein-Ligand Interaction

10. Philipp Selenko "In-cell NMR"

In-cell NMR (1)

In-cell NMR (2)

11. Victoria Higman "Assignment of proteins"

12. Gerd Gemmecker "FT and NUS"

Day 2 (solid state)

13. Adam Lange "Protein solid state NMR"

14. Daniel Tietze "Quantitative distance measurements"

15. Björn Corzilius "Theory of DNP"

16. Ulrich Scheler "Polymere"

17. Torsten Gutman "Quadrupol solid state NMR"

12. Gerd Gemmecker "FT and NUS"

Day 2 (small molecules)

18. Johannes Liermann "NMR-experiments for small molecules"

19. Thomas Hackl "Metabolomics"

20. Sebastian Kemper "STD, CORCEMA"

21. Han Sun "RDCs and small molecules"

22. Wolfgang Bermel "Homonuclear Decoupling"

12. Gerd Gemmecker "FT and NUS"

Day 3

Day 3 (bio NMR)

23. Wolfgang Bermel "Pulse programming on Bruker"

24. Edward d'Auvergne "Relaxation Analysis"

25. Philip Neudecker "Relaxation Dispersion"

26. Franz Hagn "Solution state NMR of membrane proteins"

Day 3 (solid state)

23. Wolfgang Bermel "Pulse programming on Bruker"

27. Jörn Schmedt auf der Günne "AHT and symetries: C and R sequences"

28. Clemens Glaubitz "Solid state NMR of membrane proteins"

29. Bernd Reif "Protons in solid state NMR"

Day 3 (small molecules)

23. Wolfgang Bermel "Pulse programming on Bruker"

30. Nils Schlörer "NMR databases"

31. Monika Beerbaum "Sequential assignment of peptides"

32. Matthias Köck "Structure Elucidation of small molecules"

Day 4

33. Steffen Glaser "Product operator formalism (PROF)"


Lecture "Product Operators"


Pocket Guide "Product Operators"

Tutorial SpinDrops

34. Christian Griesinger "Using the PROF"

35. Peter Schmieder "Phase Cycling, Gradients"

36. Bernd Reif "Anisotropic interactions"

Day 5

37. Christian Griesinger "TROSY and cross-correlated relaxation"

38. Boris Fürtig "Relaxation"

All pdfs in one file, no data (zip, 28 MB)

Practicals / Exercise

Spectrometer excercise

Exercise_spectrometer (pdf)


MAS probes (pdf)

Excercise PROF

Exercise PROF: Assignment (pdf)

Calculation Rules PROF (pdf)

Exercise PROF: Solutions (pdf)

Mario Schubert: "Assignment of carbohydrates using sparky"

Exercise_oligosaccharides (pdf)

sparky_data_oligosaccharides (tgz)

Benjamin Görling: "Using Bruker assignment tools"

How to install the software (pdf)


Bruker Assignemnet Tools (pdf)

Victoria Higman: "Assignment of proteins using CCPN"

rgs18_assignment_data (zip)

rgs18_assignment_data (tgz)

rgs18_assignment_tutorial (pdf)

rgs18_assignment_figures (pdf)

Edward d'Auvergne: "Relaxation Analysis using Relax"

relaxdata (data tree)

relax data (zip)

relax tutorial (pdf)

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