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The idea for the program of this NMR-school is based on a similar school held at the FMP in Berlin several years ago. Contrary to a quite common approach, we do not start with the basic theory but rather with the applications, first on a very general level, then continue with more specialized topics for the three areas solid-state NMR, biological NMR and small molecule NMR. In the end the theory is presented that is necessary to understand the background behind the applications. The advantage is that the students can first learn about the possibilities of NMR-spectroscopy in general and it's separate branches which will be helpful to them even without the theory. They are then given the chance to go deeper by trying to understand what's behind the powerful experiments but will profit from the school even without that.

Intro on Monday

Program of the 3rd G-NMR-School (pdf)

Program General Part

Program Solid State Part

Program Bio-NMR Part

Program Small Molecule Part

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